The Boswell's in Europe


Like most Kiwis, it has always been our dream to do our ‘Big OE'. It seemed that life had other plans for us but we were finally able to move three quarters (which is now four fifths of our whanau after the arrival of Kate in February 2007) of our family to London at the end of 2003.

We hope you enjoy the photos contained within this web site.

Eimii performing Papaki with her group at Ngati Ranana's wananga in October.

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Open Evening at Eimii's School
30 Jun 2009
Eimii's school holds an open evening, full of music and dance, as the children show what they have been up to at school.


Kate Gardening
14 Jun 2009
Kate has loved having a garden to play in. Scott doesn't like Kate treating his garden like a sandpit though!