August 2009

Richmond Park
23 August 2009
Dons lends us her house for the night, Scott scores some bench tops from her elderly neighbour and we discover Richmond Park.

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Whanau Weekend Staycation
15-16 August 2009
Our beautiful UK Whanau spend the long weekend with us and we spend the day boating.

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Hyde Park
8 August 2009
Kohanga enjoys a day at the park (and the first outing of our new tents, until the wardens told us to take them down!).

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Houghton Mill
2 August 2009
We spend the afternoon at Houghton Mill.

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July and June 2009

Ngati Ranana Whanau Day
19 July 2009
We celebrate Ngati Ranana's 50th Anniversary by going to their Whanau day at Clandon Park.

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Open Evening at Eimii's School
30 June 2009
Eimii's school holds an open evening, full of music and dance, as the children show what they have been up to at school.

26 November 2009


Kohanga Hangi!
21 June 2009
Its Kohanga's annual hangi and Scott is on the paepae!

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Kate Gardening
14 June 2009
Kate has loved having a garden to play in. Scott doesn't like Kate treating his garden like a sandpit though!

26 November 2009

May 2009

Clandon Park Open Day

31 May 2009
We spend a relaxing day at the Clandon Park Open Day.

24 October 2009



27 May 2009
No, not the awesome 1970's scifi show, but real life UFO's which caused a bit of a buzz across the country!

24 October 2009


Bombs in the Back Yard!

24 May 2009
Eimii, Kaitlyn and Kate do bombs, staples and belly flops in Kates paddling pool! :)

24 October 2009


Supa6 Whanau Day
10 May 2009
Eimii performs at the Maramara Totara Supa 6 Whanau Day.

ANZAC Sports Day

2 May 2009
Kohanga enters in to the Touch rugby and Kate performs in her first "official" appearance with Beats of Polynesia!


April and March 2009

25 April 2009
ANZAC Day in London.



The Yardies Take on the Cream of Irish Club Rugby!
17-19 April 2009
Scott relives his glory days with the Yardies, who are now only three games away from the grand slam!



We'll Have a Hangi Tonight!
10 April 2009
We bust out the hangi keg to celebrate the 10th of April.


Scotts Southern Hemisphere Tiki Tour
4-23 March 2009
Scott heads off to the Avalon Airshow and back to NZ to get our stuff out of storage!

30 August 2009

Ferbuary and January 2009

Shasha's boo yoo
22 February 2009
The kids get packed off to Shasha's birthday.



Kate's Second Birthday!
24 January 2009
Our little girl turns 2!



Global Warming (tm) strikes again!
5 January and 5 February 2009
If Global Warming (tm) gets any worse we will all die from hypothermia!


December 2008

Christmas Day
25 December 2009
Christmas in our new whare.


18 December 2009
We make the big move to the country side!


Busting out the Christmas Tree
14 December 2009
Busting out our huge 4 foot christmas tree!



Skating with Aunty Dom
4 December 2008
Kate, Eimii and Michelle go skating with Aunty Dom Dom.

November and October 2008

Ngati Ranana Christmas Concert
29 November 2008
Eimii performing at the Ngati Ranana christmas concert with Ngati Ranana, Kohanga and Beats of Polynesia!


The Blackness vs Munster
18-19 November 2008
Scott and Tim watch the best game of rugby ever!



The Blackness vs Ireland
14-16 November 2008
The Kohanga fathers go to watch the Blackness against Ireland in Dublin.



Kate and her Ogpog :)
10 October 2008
Kate and her first bike.



20 September 2008
A reminder that some people dont let anything go (and Scott nearly causes an international incident :)



Beats of Polynesia in Brixham
11-12 September 2008
We head south to Devon to perform with Beats of Polynesia at the Brixham fish festival.


Summer Holidays
August 2008
The summer holidays are here at last and we head off to Manchester and Liverpool and the Isle of White!


Ngati Ranana, Hawaii Roopu Dress Rehersal
2 August 2008
With Ngari Ranana's trip to Hawaii just around the corner the team get together for one last dress rehersal before departure.

JULY 2008

Uncle Steven Visits
27 July 2008
Uncle Steven comes to visit from Wellington.



Race for Life
13 July 2008
Michelle takes on the race for life with Dom, Aunty Karen and a few other suckers for punishment :)


Kohanga on TV3 News
12 July 2008
TV3 News comes to record a short story on Kohanga in London for Maori language week back in NZ.



JUNE 2008

Kohanga Hangi
29 June 2008
Kohanga's annual Hangi and Kate takes part for the first time and Eimii performs with Kohanga, Beats of Polynesia and Ngati Ranana.



16 June 2008
Kate showing a bad habit learnt off Herewaka! :)


Hinemihi Maintenance Day
15 June 2008
Maintenance day at Hinemihi.


Greenwich Park Swings
11 June 2008
Kate enjoying summer days
out at the park.



MAY 2008

Beats of Polynesia Family Day
25 May 2008
Eimii and Scotts first performances with beats of Polynesia



18 May 2008
We head off to Legoland with the Marjoribanks-Smith whanau.


Hangi Practice
17 May 2008
Kohanga gearing up for this years annual hangi.

APRIL 2008

Poofball - Anton, you're hot! :)
26 April 2008
We spend an awesome day at the soccer with friends, enjoying all the hospitality West Ham can provide!


ANZAC Day in London
25 April 2008
Our day starts at 330am as Eimii reads a prayer at the London ANZAC Day dawn service.


Prague Spring
15-16 April 2008
Scotts tikitour of Prague.


London Marathon
13 April 2008
Kates second marathon and we also watch Uncle Paul running in his first marathon.

General Photos from April
April 2008
General photos from the month of April (Above - the Olympic Torch floats past our house on the Thames).

MARCH 2008

Eimii turns 12, not 13 dad!
28 March 2008
Eimii celebrates her 12th birthday (not her 13th Dad!!!) with her friends.


Eimii in the News
13 March 2008
Eimii gets to grill the Leader of the Conservatives, in what will probably be his toughest Q&A session yet, as part of the BBC News! :)


The Big Apple
7-10 March 2008
Scott has a tikitour to New York, and weaves the term "Waldorf moment" in to the English language :)


Kate is One Year Old!
24 February 2008
How quickly time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Its hard to believe that our precious pepi is one year old now!



Pacifika Styles Exhibition, Cambridge
23 February 2008
We head to Cambridge to support friends whose exhibition was coming to an end.



Playing in the park
10 and 17 February 2008
We get some great weather, so its time for the kids to play in the local parks!




DECEMBER 2007 and JANUARY 2008

Its Christmas Time!
December 07 and January 08
Whetu joins us for the holidays and its also Kate's first Christmas!



Kate's Kindy Christmas Party
17 December 2007
Kate has her first kindy christmas party!



Ngati Ranana Kirihimete Konohete
1 December 2007
Kohanga perform at Ngati Ranana's annual christmas concert.




Kate's Naming Ceremony
24 November 2007
Family and friends get together for a tea party to
celebrate our pepi.



Te Kohanga Reo o Ranana Black Tie Ball
27 October 2007
The kids are tucked up at home while we get
out to party!







The All Blacks vs Romania
28-30 September 2007
Scott spends the weekend watching
with Tim in Toulouse, France.

8 September
The BBC comes to record Kohanga for their
childrens show "Take a Bow".


Top Tamariki
2 September 2007
organises a top town event for
Kohanga at Hinemihi.




The Boswells Pilgrimage to Glastonbury
9-11 August 2007
We spend a few days on pilgrimage to
Glastonbury and Cheddar Gorge
  Eimiis Final Assembly
20 July 2007
Eimii's last day at Arnheim Wharf school


Race for Life
15 July 2007
The survivors from Dublin get to run around
Blackheath to raise funds for cancer research.



  Ta Moko - Traditional Tattoo
24 June 2007
Study of traditional Maori and Pacific
Island tattoo.
  Hangi Hui a Tau 2007
24 June 2007
Kohanga holds its annual Hangi at Clandon
House in Surrey.
  Hinemihi Maintenance Days
3, 10, 17 June 2006
Kohanga heads out to Hinemihi to help at
the annual maintenance days before Hangi.
Hendon RAF Museum
2 June 2007
While Michelle and the kids were away
Scott took advantage and headed out to
Hendon for the day.

Michelle in Dublin
30 June 2007
Michelle and the girls spend the weekend in

These pages are from our old website.
Chelsea Flower Show
24 May 2007
Michelle spends the afternoon at the
Chelsea Flower Show.
25 April 2007
ANZAC Day in London. We Will Remember
  London Marathon
22 April 2007
The London Marathon arrives on the hottest
day its ever been held!
  Port Lympne Wild Life Park
8 April 2007
We spend the day with wild animals and kids!
These pages are from our old website.
Malaysia and Australia
18-25 March 2007
Scott stops off in Malaysia as he heads
over to the Avalon Airshow in Australia.
  And then there was one more!
24 February 2007
Kate Hirini Rangimarie Boswell arrives on
the 24th of February after a mercifully short
5 hour 26 minute labour!
  Waitangi Day
6 February 2007
Waitangi Day here in London, unlike at home,
is a day of celebration.
These pages are from our old website.
More snow !
January and February 2007
The first snow of the year arrives, and its
earlier than last year. Global warming?
  Lord Mayors New Years Day Parade
1 January 2007
We spend new years at London's annual new
years day parade.
These pages are from our old website.