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The Boswell's Pilgrimage to Glastonbury-
9-11 August 2007

Glastonbury had been one of those mystical places we had always wanted to visit but for one reason or another hadn't got around to it. The summer holidays had come around and we hadn't really done anything and time was running out before Eimii started at High School! As a last ditch effort Scott took a bit of time off work, we booked a bed and breakfast just outside Wells (smallest city in England) and got tickets to the Glastonbury Musical Extravaganza for the Friday night (Corin Bailey Rae and Van Morrison were performing).

Glastonbury town itself is an interesting place...Scott reckons its alternative lifestyle central! It seems every other shop is dedicated to wizardry or witchcraft in one form or the other! However what cannot be denied is that a visit to Glastonbury can be a deeply profound experience, especially if you are religious or spiritual. You can feel the same power and awe that the pilgrims of past felt when standing on the spot Jesus Christ supposedly stood, touching the tree he had touched and looking at his hand writing! :)

We arrived in Glastonbury Friday morning and as we had a little bit of time before the concert took in a tour of Glastonbury Abbey. Our guide was a monk called Thomas (an actor). He was an amazing story teller, painting vivid pictures of life in the abbey before dissolution!
Thomas recounted the story of how the monks in the Abbey, being short of money, mysteriously found the grave of King Arthur ...which of course meant pilgrims would come from miles around and leave donations.
The Glastonbury Thorn traces its heritage all the way back to Joseph of Arimathea, who set up the first church in AD63 (with a young Jesus on tour with him). Since then a descendant of the Thorn tree has been on this spot.
The Chalice well in the Abbey. One of the reasons given for the location of the Abbey was this well (fresh drinking water etc).
Proof, if any was needed, that Jesus and Mary had visited Glastonbury!
All that remains of the Abbey are scattered ruins like these. Eimii is in between the left hand ruin.
Glastonbury Tor from the Abbey Grounds.