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Christmas Holidays 07-08

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Its winter and its christmas, so it must be ice skating time!

Roi and Maru came and joined us as we went for a skate at Canary Wharf's ice rink, which was much bigger than last year and meant we had a much larger space to fall over on! Unfortunately for Scott though, no one did fall over and get wet!

Roi holding Michelle up!!
Look at me, I'm a super star! :)
Roi holding Eimii and Whetu up! :)
Maru holding his dad so he doesn't fall over!
Maru holding Eimii, MIchelle and Whetu up! :)
This is what happens when Roi or Maru aren't holding the girls up! They cant move! :)
The survivors from skating! Putting on some make up before having dinner, and a lime milkshake, at GBK!

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