Cheddar Page Cheddar Page Te Kohanga Reo o Ranana Black Tie Ball
27 October 2007

Kohanga had been planning for this night all year long!

And what better place to have the ball but in the Penthouse of NZ House on the Haymarket here in London! The night was well attended and everyone had a, pardon the pun, ball! :)

Almost ready, Michelle in our Hotel Room!

Stan and Scott
Michelle, Scott and the NZ High Commissioner, Jonathan Hunt.
Michelle and Stan
Michelle giving her speech as the chairperson of Kohanga for 2007.
Us two.
Tim, Tania and bubba :)
The nights entertainment got off to a good start with the first outing of the Beats of Polynesia string quarter.
Nanny Kathy, Nanny Anieand Michelle :)
Friends of Scotts, Tony, Kelly, Neil and Scott.
Tim Stan and Scott, the brains trust behind the Thursday Night Kohanga Fathers Support Group!
Matua Bruce.
NZ High Commissioner, Jonathan Hunt, during his speach.
Te Kohanga Reo whanau performing after Michelles speach!
Maramara Totara performing after their speach.
Tony, Kelly and Neil.
The lovely Whaea Rachel and Scott.
Lynn and Donna enjoying themselves :)
Tim and Tania
Sometimes its best not to ask :) Kateia and Josh.
Rachel and the lovely Michelle :)
Josh, Stephanie and Johnina from Ngati Ranana.
Donna, Hemi, Michelle and Natalya.
The band was recommended by Dom, I think they were just happy to be playing for us :)
Stan, Tim, Mike.
Hannah and Ant. and yes, he really is that short! :)

Lynn and Pecks.
All of the following photos are curtesy of Bernie Keating (

Bruce, Hemi, Laurence and Pecks.
Josh. Stephanie and Johnina..
Scott and Michelle.
Stephanie. Maina and Renee, outside after the ball had finished wondering where they were going next!
Rachel pointing the way to Tiger Tiger!
Laurence and his Ukalele.
Pecks, singing up a storm on the street after we had to leave the Penthouse!
David, Mellisa, Renee, Jess and Bruce. on the street waiting for the party to continue!
Pecks in our hotel room playing the guitar.
After the ball had finished the guys from Beats of Polynesia came back to our hotel room to continue the party! Thank god for the thicks walls of the room otherwise the neighbours would have been banging on our door at 3am in the morning asking us to be quiet!
Scott, continueing a tradition started in America 10 years ago...never leave your camera unattended! :)
Michelle and Hemi
Hemi doing something and Pecks playing the guitar in the background. Strangely enough Pecks managed to lose his bright red socks in our room (dont ask how??? :)