Anton, you're hot!
26 April 2008

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We get the chance to go to a game of soccer and soak up the atmosphere in a private box! As Dot was saying, she has never seen the fridge emptied like it was after ourselves, our friends Adrian and Vanessa and Marty and Sarah had finished with it! :)

Thanks to Marty for organising the awesome day, and thanks to Vanessa for the photos!

The West Ham stadium on a glorious Saturday morning!
Enjoying time without the kids!

The game underway. For most of the first half, the Newcastle supporters sat there watching a stink game...BUT with 10 minutes left of the first half, they finally came alive as Newcastle drew level at 2 all.

Scott and Adrian.
Adrian bear hugging Scott!
Some famous footballers brother apparently. Sarah reckons he is hot :)

The wahine, Sarah, Vanessa and Michelle

The tane, Marty, Adrian and Scott
Michelle holding our look from the game (a bottle of vintage Westham wine!).
After we had to leave the box at the stadium we wandered around and found a pretty tatty bar to drink in...and yes, that is a tape measure. Don't ask why Adrian has a tape measure on him?!? :)