Summer Holidays - Isle of White Page 1
August 2008

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The last time we went camping was a couple years ago when we went to Devon. The opportunity to go camping with friends came up and we couldn't turn it down. So off we went, everything cram packed in to our car for a week of camping on the English Riviera, Isle of White! :) We stayed at the whitecliff bay camp ground and the kids had an absolute ball! Being summer and also being in the tight grip of Global Warming (tm) meant that it rained every day and the temp struggled to get in to double figures! But we didn't mind because we had Dougal to cook in :)
Sasha listening to her mum (don't get covered in sand!:)
The kids having fun burying Sasha in the sand. Kate hogging one of the rides in the sand pit.
Our palace! Kate taking time out from her busy day. Eimii teaching Michelle a lesson :)
Sasha and Tim, Merry Go Round, The Isle of White Park.
The Needles at Alum Bay. Michelle and Kate enjoying the Merry Go Round too!
The chair lift that takes you from the top of the Needles Park to the beach.  
  The coloured sands of Alum Bay!  
  Fireworks at Alum Bay.