Bye Bye To Our Home Of The Last Five Years!
18 December 2008

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We finally realised our dream, a family home for our tamariki! For a while Michelle has been wanting to move out of London but Scott was far too settled. However that all changed in October when Scott took Eimii to see a friend of hers in Cambridgeshire. No sooner had Scott returned home than he declared that the Boswell whanau was moving! Of course Michelle just rolled her eyes and wondered what had taken Scott so long to catch up with her! :)

(Scott - no problems darling, we can get packed within a day I reckon!)

Famous last words from Scott. Once again, packing takes significantly longer than originally anticipated! Its amazing how much you can squeeze in to a 1 and a half bed flat! Anyway, 4 van and several car loads later, our world is moved from London to Cambridgeshire!

Its all smiles to start with. Several days later, Eimii wasn't quite so smiley! :)
Our New Whare!
A back yard all to ourselves, bliss! :)
A kitchen, the size of which you could fit our entire old flat in to!
Lounge, finally Kate can make as much noise as she wants and we don't have to worry about people below us, to the side of us or on top of us!
One happy whanau! :)
Side note. Recently we were walking past our old flat in London (going to see Aunty Karen), when Kate carried on up the drive saying "Kate's house". Kate amazes us every day BUT this was out of the blue! We were surprised she remembered her old house, the house she was born in. Brought a tear to our eyes.