Cheddar Page Cheddar Page Eimii is 12, not 13 dad!
28 March 2008

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Dad made the mistake of mentioning to Eimii that it was her 13th birthday and since then Eimii hasnt let her dad forget (Scott claims dadnesia, a common side affect of having kids! :)

March is a busy time of year for birthdays, Koro, Kate, Scott, Aunty Paige. Uncle David, Whetu and finally Eimii all have birthdays around this month!

Hong, Kamila and Cetrin came to help Eimii celebrate her birthday (at home and at GBK, the only place you can get a half decent milkshake in London!).
Eimii has something growing out of her back! :)

Happy birthday in English, Estonian and Maori. Kamila wouldnt sing in Polish for the camera!