Cheddar Page Cheddar Page Pacifika Styles Exhibition, Cambridge
23 February 2007

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Some time ago a friend of ours, (Rosana Raymond) who is one of the co-curators of the Pasifika Styles Exhibition, came to Kohanga to look to involve the tamariki in the closing activities of the exhibition. So with that in mind, early on the morning of the 23rd we headed to Cambridge to enjoy a day out with our UK based pacific island whanau.
A perspex carving by George Nuku.
Kate calling her friends!
Kate and Roimata deep in thought!
As the day was a celebration of Pacific Island culture, many groups from various islands attended, including refugees from Northern Papua New Guinea.
Roimata and Matua Andrew.
Da gurlz! Kimiora, Eimii, Malea, Shane-Maia.
Earlier in the week Eimii came running home saying there was a guy at Club who looked just like Whetu's Koro! When I relayed the story to the Koro look alike it turns out he knows Whetu's Koro from their freezing works days in the Manawatu! Small world aye!!!
Kai time!
Yum, pork rolls!!!
Ngati Ranana performing during the day.