Cheddar Page Cheddar Page Playing in the Park
10 and 17 February 2007

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We get some good weather, and what better thing to do than to take the kids (including our extended Whanau, Roimata and Maru) to the park in Greenwich.

Kihi for the Arewhana!
And kihi for mummy
Weeeee! Kate reminded us of when Eimii was 2 on the luge at Lutsen in Minnesota! But that story is probably best saved for Eimii's 21st birthday :)
Come on Eimii, you can carry me faster than this! :)
Making the most of the sunshine, Kate, Maru. Roimata and Eimii playing in the sandpit at Greenwich Park. If you are wondering why Kate looks like she knows what she is doing, its because she builds sand castles in the huuuuuge box of washing powder at home! :)
A week after playing at Greenwich Park we dropped by the Mudchute Farm, on the Isle of Dogs. Its the largest inner city farm in England, and its a real hidden gem! We have been living in England for over 4 years yet this was the first time we had actually walked through the farm and had a good look around! It really is surprising how big the farm is!
Kate loved looking at the animals but when they came up to say hello, she got all shy and would snuggle in to mum and dad as they got close! :)
A week after our visit we went for a walk again, but this time we stopped by the coffee shot for tea and a brownie! Talk about family friendly! Toys and books everywhere and mums and dads enjoying a bit of time out with their little kids! Mudchute Farm is well worth a visit and can easily take up a couple hours in an afternoon while the kids enjoy all the animals. If you are really "adventurous", it would be a nice place to take a book and a picnic and just sit out in the sunshine in enjoying the fresh air in a country inner city London! For more info on the farm, visit their website here.