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13 March 2008

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Eimii gets to grill the Leader of the Conservatives, in what will probably be his toughest Q&A session yet, as part of the BBC News! Eimii's questions revolved around University fee's and hover cars! :)

As part of a school project, Eimii got to work with the BBC with producing a whole days worth of news. Eimii got to travel to Westminster to interview David Cameron, the leader of the Conservatives and to also learn about the work that goes in behind the scenes in producing the news.

Since this first project, Eimii has done further work with the BBC on the Mayoral elections that are happening on the 1st of May here in London.





Left: Eimii's questions for David Cameron, as aired on the BBC on the 13th of March 2008. Watch for the girls reaction to Eimii's question 56 seconds in to the video! :)

The full report can be found here on the BBC web site.