Beats of Polynesia Friends and Family Day
25 May 2008

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Eimii has been wanting to dance with Beats of Polynesia for ages. She would badger us to take her to practices until we could take it no longer...and took her. Unfortunately for Scott this meant he got dragged in as well and is now a dispensable part of the string band with the canny ability to turn several drum beats in to one :)





Eimii dancing with Beats of Polynesia

during the Friends and Family day.

Eimii dancing
Kate joining her big sister!
Kate giving Hana the evils big time!
And kate out the monkey :)
Unfortunately for Eimii, Scott got hauled up to dance with the wahine from Beats. Unfortunate because Eimii has had to go in to therapy to recover from the sight of her dad busting out the awesome moves :)