The Mighty Blackness vs Ireland - The Big Day!
14-16 November 2008

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The big day finally rolls around and the talk on the street is optimism about Irelands chances against the Blackness! Everyone was confident Ireland could finally pull off its first victory against the All Blacks, now all they had to do was transform the pre-match talk in to on field action!

Small world! After gorking at each other for ages, we finally worked out that we had met Nathan (on the left) in a small bar in Toulouse in September 2007 when Tim and I went to watch the All Blacks against Romania in the world cup!

With the expectation of an Irish win, Croke Park was absolutely chocka! The Irish fans were in full swing prior to the game starting!
The Irish crowd were further whipped in to a frenzy during the National Anthems.
Just like Japanese Baseball really. The Irish were in the game for the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately once it became apparent the Irish back line was missing in action (with the forwards missing looking for the backs), the Irish crowd sat and watched in silence as their team fell apart at the hands of the mighty Blackness!
Yeah, you three up in the gods, thanks for coming to watch us win! :)
80,000 gutted Irish fans leave the grounds after having watched their team loose to the mighty blackness because of their awesomeness and because the Irish team didn't show up on the night, but mostly because of the awesomeness of the Blackness!