Beats of Polynesia at the Brixham Fish Festival
11-12 September 2008

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We headed to a beautiful little fishing village in deepest, darkest South England called Brixham for their annual fish festival. Beats of Polynesia had been invited to perform at the festival, which allowed us to not only go to Brixham but to also enjoy a sunny weekend in Southern England.





The harbour in Brixham.
Kate playing with the other tamariki.
Jacques setting up for our gig.
Our first performance was outdoors at the festival entrance. We were watched by a pretty good sized crowd of around a couple hundred people!
Kate joining in with the band :)
Scott busting out his one beat!
Eimii had only performed with the tamariki before this weekend, but her Whaea Natasha threw her in the deep end and got her to perform with the adults!
Our beautiful girl :)
This guy was awesome! Reminded us a lot of Joe 90...but did he get stuck in or what :)
We had a second performance in the evening, of which the hall we were performing in was absolutely chocka with locals! Easily filling the entire hall was a good 4-500 people! Not only that but the atmosphere was ELECTRIC! The band that was after us probably hadn't played to a full hall before :)
Papa Hemi torturing Kate :)
Hemi was awesome...until the cow started to move! :)
Brixham Harbour.
Looking over the harbour.
Another Golden Hind.
Kate giving the teddy bear on the sign a kihi :)