16-23 March2009

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At the start of the year Scott was given a number of portable (just!) Hangi kegs made from Gherkin pickling barrels and old beer kegs. We decide to celebrate the 10th of April by busting out the hangi pot and share an awesome weekend with friends and family! We also have an early Easter not only with our friends but also Nanny and Grandad and Poppa! :)

Getting the food ready!
The disassembled hangi keg.
Its like being in Jamie Oliver's back yard :) Layering the food in to the hangi keg. Meat in the lower sections with the veggies higher in the keg.
Viola, one complete back yard eco organic fair trade hangi!
Scott supervising the cooking
8 hours later, the food is ready!
Yum! Just like the real thing :)
Feeding time at the zoo!
Lovely photo of Kaitlyn :)
Kate with her new best friend (but only because he had the uke and the bean bag! :)
Its all fun and games now.
But sooner or later someone will over do it! :)
Let us out!
Kate doing a runner with the Easter Eggs!
Sharing the loot with her big sister and Kaitlyn
Kate suckering Nanny in to feeding her pure chocolate :)