Global Warming (tm) Strikes Again!
5 January and 5 February 2009

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(Avert your eyes if the thought of questioning the religion of Global Warming (tm) makes your blood boil hotter than the mean average world temp for the last 10 years). If Global Warming (tm) gets any worse, we are all going to die from hypothermia! On a more serious note, our completely unscientific observations over the last six years are as follows;

2004: First snow 28 January
2005: First snow 21 February
2006: First snow 25 February
2007: First snow 17 January
2008: First snow 6 April
2009: First snow 5 January

Funnily enough, if we are in the grip of massive global warming and in danger of all drowning because the North Pole is melting, the snow seems to regularly arrive over the same period each year. I guess its just as well we pay all those green taxes when we fly aye to stop all that polar ice from melting (sorta like all this ice that shouldn't have been there - Baffin Bay, March 2008!)?

January 5
We get our first snow of the year.
February 5
The big snow arrives! London receives its largest snow fall for decades and Eimii gets out and about with her friends as her school was closed due to the snow.
Scott and Eimii started off with a hiss and a roar, but 2 minutes later they realised that making snowmen isn't as easy as it looks!
Kate not enjoying the snow one bit! :)
Eimii and the mother of all snow balls!
Eimii toying with the idea of filling the rubbish bin with snow :)