Kate Gardening
14 June 2009

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It had always been one of our dreams to have a back yard, one that we didn't have to share with 100 other people (like we used to do in London)!!! So when we moved to our new whare, which had a back yard, we were in heaven. Then in May Scott put down a garden (which took much longer than he expected, thanks to the concrete like soil!). While we have enjoyed our garden, Scott keeps muttering about getting an electric fence to keep Kate out of HIS garden! :)

Kate watering the lettuces, which to Scott's disgust/horror turned in to white fly magnets! So out they came and in went things that didn't attract white flies (little devils with wings!!!!)!!!

Kate thought it would be funny to splash dad with the water while he was sleeping on the been bag. Oh how everyone laughed, except Scott! :)