Open Evening at Eimii's School
30 June 2009

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The mansion used to be part of the Cromwell family estate, but is now a seat of learning in Cambridgeshire...but what awesome grounds it has! The open night was used to show case Eimii's schools musical prowess, and the setting was absolutely captivating!

The mansion at Eimii's school, now used by the 6th formers.
Eimii's Head of Year (left) jamming away with other teachers.

Kate and Michelle enjoying a beautiful June evening! Thank god for global warming (tm)!!! :)
Pupils performing under one of the massive trees in the grounds.
Kate "pukana-ing" her way down a bank in the school grounds!
Actually, when Kate wasn't being Eimii's shadow she was pretty much running down any surface that had a greater than 1 degree slope! :)
Set up for the evening!