Supa6 Whanau Day
10 May 2009

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Every year Maramara Totara holds the biggest and most spectacular kapa haka competition outside of New Zealand in London. Each year the competition gets bigger and better however this year there was something different! For the first time our tamariki had entered in to the competition!

After many hours of ferrying kids around, buckets of hard work and sweat...and some tears, the girls were ready!

The kids playing before the start of the show.
The competition proper was held at NZ House, however due to children under 16 not being allowed in to the Penthouse, our kids could not compete at the main event. So Maramara totara pulled together a friends and family day so the girls could perform for their families! For this we were really grateful for the thought Karl and Kateia had put in to how to get the girls to perform with the adults!
Our big girl makes us proud, she has become a real little kapa haka star! :)
Patupaiarehi in action. The girls came up with the words for their waiata, and working with Whaea Taylor and Wai, brought their waiata alive with actions!

The girls with Whaea Esther.
The winners of the under 14 section! :)
Once the girls had finished performing, it was the adults turn!
It took a few seconds to click on BUT the their haka was ahakama (the kids waiata:), which was so awesome it won the haka competition on the night! :)