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7-10 March 2008

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Scott got to have a whirl wind tour of New York with a few friends (Scott says it was business, Michelle says it was nothing more than a boys weekend away!).
Business class on British Airways! Scott doubts he will ever be able to travel cattle class again!

So much for global warming (tm). Sea pack ice coming down from Baffin Bay and out in to the Atlantic Ocean.

Breakfast at Juniors. Supposedly famous for its Cheesecakes

It would be fair to say that Scott was expecting more of Time Square...sort of along the lines of Trafalgar Square, not Time Square Road! Michelle points out its just like Leicester Square, which isn't a square either :)



The Empire State Building, hidden in the clouds!

The AT&T building in the background is supposedly one of the ugliest (and most likely most loved) buildings in the world!

Ground Zero! Rather somber looking at the names of those killed that fateful morning! Scott had hoped to see the some of the 9/11 protesters but clearly the cold and wet weather had put them off protesting. Nothing like fair weather protesters?

Possibly interesting? :)


Grand Central Station! What an amazing place...and it was just around the corner from Scott's hotel but he didn't even notice it at first! Scott noticed it on Sunday because it was walked passed it about a hundred times while looking for a Japanese restaurant that wasn't even open when it was finally found! :)

There is a god!