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7-10 March 2008

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On the Sunday Scott met up with his friend Henry, who lives in New York. Nothing like being shown around by a local! :)

The New York Stock Exchange, with the mother of all flags hanging across it! The flag is absolutely ginormous, which completely dwarfs the three normal sized flags at its base!

Kim Il Jong? Don't remember reading anything about him being in town :)

Police were everywhere we went. BUT, unlike London when you never actually see them, it was quite reassuring knowing they were around.

Looking down to Fort Clinton, Battery Park, which was built to bolster the city's port fortifications. Built during a time of tension with the British, it was completed in 1811.
9/11 Memorial in Battery Park.

What trip would be complete without the mandatory trip out to the Statue of Liberty?

Henry and Scott on a bitterly cold New York morning!



After spending the morning at the Statue of Liberty and lunch in Union Square, Scott and Henry headed to Central Park. The weather, unlike Saturday, was beautiful and clear, so lots of people were out to make the most of the warm afternoon spring sunshine!

And that was New York! What an absolutely amazingly vibrant place the city is!
Graffiti goes back a long way in Central Park! :)