The Real Down Under - Gisborne
16-23 March2009

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From a tearful reunion with Feijoa's and seeing his favourite cousin in the world to visiting a place of fond childhood memories, Scott and Whetu shoot up to Gisborne for a few days with Whaea and the zoo that is Paige's back yard!

Awe, food of the gods! The English have no idea what they are missing!
Feeding time!
One of the chickens spends its days hanging around with the sheep in the back paddock!
Scott was hoping to call in to visit his most favourite cousin in the world, unannounced, however Whaea had let the cat out of the bag when she announced earlier in the week that Scott was coming after running in to Simone in the street!
Duncan modeling the latest in Gisborne fashion!
The kids with their baby sitters :)
Claudia only gets worse the older they get! :)
The tribe (minus Seth, past his bed time:) Claudia, Simone, Noz and Duncan
The Grandparents old place in many fond childhood memories!
Various shots from Makarori beach. Unfortunately due to the tide conditions, Scott didn't get any photos of table rock.
Whetu turns 15!
Part of the flock of cats that own Paige's whare!
And the chickens, who are truly free range!