The Real Down Under - Nuhaka
16-23 March2009

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While Scott was in New Zealand he took the opportunity to do some research in Nuhaka for his big speech on the paepae in June! In particular Scott wanted to talk to his Aunty Huia to get some ideas for bits and pieces that he could use.

As kids when Scott and Paige weren't down the Nuhaka beach or off exploring various parts of the countryside with their cousin, Leo, they would be living down at Leo's or Leo would be living at their place. Wednesday nights were always big nights because that's when Battle Star Galactica was on, and as they couldn't get channel 2 on their side of the river, they would have to go to Leo's to watch it there (which was always preceded by something exotic for dinner. Tortilla's and unrolling them from Aunty's tea towel is the stand out memory, right after Star Buck and Buck Rogers!:)
As kids, Scott would take Kahangunu for granted as it was always there (and never locked!). 30 years later, he does what he should have done as a child...listened to his Aunty talk about the history of the whare nui.
Kahangunu was built after WWII as a War Memorial Hall. It was built by returned servicemen as something for them to do. As the carvers "graduated" their carvings were added to the Whare Nui. Each carving tells a different story from the history of Kahangunu.
The War Memorial Gates to the school
Since Scott's days at the school, it has been decorated with beautiful murals!
A more recent addition to the school. The old Morere Hall.
The Pohutukawa Tree Scott played under (and in) as a child. Now 30 years older!
Mr Yates store. Mr Yates, when he heard how we had done when our School C results came in, would give us the largest bag of lollies and chocolates as a reward for doing well. He also used to enjoy telling us the story of his Khukuri knife that hung behind the counter! :)
A few shots from where the railway station used to be located.