Melbourne - Avalon Air show
8-16 March 2009

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This is the reason Scott goes to the air show in Australia every two years. The Volunteers!

The team that Scott has been working in has now been together for the last 4 air shows and has become a tight nit little family. So as everyone ages, if one of the older members doesn't show its cause for some concern.

The team from left to right. Graham, Glen, Mark (yellow vest), Rose, USAAF pilot, Barry, Dave, Shane, Prescilla, Ken, Scott. Sadly missing from this years team was Warren Kane, David Stone and Neville Dickenson (Nev was outsourced to one of the lesser teams, probably an attempt to lift their standards:)
The life of a volunteer is one of action and constant motion!  
Barry and Graham
Glen, enjoying the authority that comes with the headset!
Eddie and Glen, probably looking at photos of flowers
Shane and his guns
David in management mode (photo on the right :)
The one that almost got away! :)
The proof that two objects cannot inhabit the same space, although Glen and Rose give it a good go! :)
Glen holding the line!
Our gaffer, the imposing figure of Mark (on the right)