Scott's Southern Hemisphere Tiki Tour
4-21 March 2009

It had been touch and go whether Scott would go to this years Avalon Air show (which he has been going to since 1999) but as fate would have it, if Scott went back to NZ to get our stuff out of storage then the money saved in not having to pay for storage would more than cover the cost of his airfare. Also, as fate would have it again, thanks to the world wide depression at the end of 2008, airlines started to sell heavily discounted airfares to get bums on seats!

So with the planets aligned, Scott headed off on his five city (Perth, Melbourne, Wellington, Gisborne and Nuhaka) Southern Hemisphere Tiki Tour!

Click on the images below to see photos from Scott's tiki touring.

Australia, Perth 4-8 March


Australia, Melbourne - Avalon Air Show 8-16 March
NEW 21 August 2009
New Zealand - Wellington, Gisborne, Nuhaka 16-23 March
NEW 30 August 2009