Perth - The Old Gaol
4-8 March 2009

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There is probably a good joke in there somewhere aye? :) Paige and Scott visit the old Perth Gaol.

The entrance, old English decorum on the outside.
And the harsh reality on the inside. The harsh reality for new inmates, iron gates past the fancy facade on the outside!
Paige in the waiting room, with our guide. Ex inmate?
The inner yard looking down towards the women's gaol.
The kitchen.
Aborigine art work.
The inside.
The Ten Commandments inside the gaol chapel.
The odd one out.
The entrance to death row.
With a lot of time on their hands, some prisoners took to decorating their cells. Some of the more colourful cells have been preserved for posterity.
Some of the cells had personal messages from their occupants. This one was particularly touching.
For some, there is no exit!